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This service contains entity indexes for boreholes, grab samples and geophysical data. In this service you will find marine points and lines in Europe with geological knowledge. Each feature contains main metadata for the feature including contact details to relevant authorities.

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GN_Metadata_Show http://www.emodnet.eu/geonetwork/srv/en/catalog.search#/metadata/0919a24507783020f16eb06dab812fe30532b8ef
GN_Metadata_Source http://www.emodnet.eu/geonetwork/srv/en/xml.metadata.get?uuid=0919a24507783020f16eb06dab812fe30532b8ef
GN_URL http://www.emodnet.eu/geonetwork
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access_constraints ["Copyright: European Community represented by the European Commission. The holders of the intellectual property rights (IPR) to the data, which existed prior to the Contract being entered into, are the EMODNET-Geology partners. The EMODNET-Geology partners (the IPR holders) give no warranty, condition or representation as to the quality, accuracy or completeness of the data, information, or service, or its suitability for any use or purpose. All implied conditions relating to the quality or suitability of the information, and all liabilities arising from the supply of the information (including any liability arising in negligence) are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law."]
bbox-east-long 180
bbox-north-lat 92.1766510009766
bbox-south-lat -66.5557
bbox-west-long -179.9999
contact-email bpj@geus.dk
[{"href": ["http://drive.emodnet-geology.eu/geonetwork/srv/eng//xml.metadata.get?uuid=b475e4308f026e4cdbcda5feae28e41b31525639"], "uuid": ["b475e4308f026e4cdbcda5feae28e41b31525639"], "title": []}, {"href": ["http://drive.emodnet-geology.eu/geonetwork/srv/eng//xml.metadata.get?uuid=7c3dc80fefa3c6897091478f555853348c6dd41a"], "uuid": ["7c3dc80fefa3c6897091478f555853348c6dd41a"], "title": []}]
[{"type": "revision", "value": "2019-11-15T10:15:03"}]
GUID 0919a24507783020f16eb06dab812fe30532b8ef
licence []
metadata-date 2019-11-15T10:15:03
metadata-language eng
progress completed
resource-type service
[{"name": "EMODnet Geology", "roles": ["pointOfContact"]}]
{"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-179.9999, -66.5557], [180.0, -66.5557], [180.0, 92.176651001], [-179.9999, 92.176651001], [-179.9999, -66.5557]]]}
spatial-data-service-type OGC:WMS
spatial_harvester true
system:type Service
Management Info
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Author EMODnet Geology
Maintainer iMarine Catalogue Manager
Last Updated 28 November 2019, 19:00 (CET)
Created 23 July 2019, 10:38 (CEST)