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led by the Geological Survey of Italy – ISPRA, represents data at 1:250,000 scale as polygons, lines and points. The use of different geometric features is related to the peculiar characteristics of each occurrence, as well as to the scale of representation:

submarine landslides (lines, polygons, points) submarine volcanoes (lines, polygons, points) tsunamis origin (points) tsunamis affected coasts (points) submarine tectonics (lines) submarine fluid emissions of non volcanic origin (polygons, points) Regarding earthquakes, it was decided to rely on the Seismic Portal of the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) web-service (, which collects data supplied by national and international networks.

Data sources include detailed information held by the Project Partners plus any further publicly available third-party data (last update Dec. 2016).

All products delivered by Partners have been collected, verified and validated in order to achieve the best degree of harmonization and INSPIRE compliance.

Each layer is complemented by an Attribute table which provides, in addition to the location, type of geological event and its references (mandatory), further information for each occurrence (where available).

Since features considered within WP6 have a scattered distribution, the additional layer “Geological events distribution” provides basic information on areas of occurrences, no occurrences and no data for the marine areas surrounding European countries.

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