FAO fishing areas

Major Fishing Areas for Statistical Purposes are arbitrary areas, the boundaries of which were determined in consultation with international fishery agencies on various considerations, including (i) the boundary of natural regions and the natural divisions of oceans and seas; (ii) the boundaries of adjacent statistical fisheries bodies already established in inter-governmental conventions and treaties; (iii) existing national practices; (iv) national boundaries; (v) the longitude and latitude grid system; (vi) the distribution of the aquatic fauna; and (vii) the distribution of the resources and the environmental conditions within an area.

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bbox-east-long 180
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bbox-south-lat -90
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[{"name": "Institut de recherche pour le d\u00e9veloppement (IRD)", "roles": ["publisher"]}]
{"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-180.0, -90.0], [180.0, -90.0], [180.0, 90.0], [-180.0, 90.0], [-180.0, -90.0]]]}
spatial-reference-system 4326
spatial_harvester true
system:type Dataset
temporal-extent-begin 1950-01-01T00:00:00
temporal-extent-end 2018-01-01T00:00:00
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Author Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD),MARBEC Research Unit, Observatory of Exploited Tropical Pelagic Ecosystems,IRD, UMR MARBEC & COI,FAO - Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (FI). Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy and Resources Division (FIA)
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