Geophysical data index

This data set is a compilation of all known marine geophysical survey lines. From this index, you can get an overview on available geological knowledge for European seas together with contact information for further details.

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    Geophysical data index

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bbox-east-long 180.0
bbox-north-lat 78.270699485
bbox-south-lat -66.5557
bbox-west-long -179.9999
[{"type": "revision", "value": "2019-11-15T10:15:05"}]
GUID 7c3dc80fefa3c6897091478f555853348c6dd41a
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metadata-date 2019-11-15T10:15:05
point_of_contact Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS),
progress completed
resource-type dataset
[{"name": "EMODnet Geology", "roles": ["pointOfContact"]}]
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-179.9999, -66.5557], [180.0, -66.5557], [180.0, 78.270699485], [-179.9999, 78.270699485], [-179.9999, -66.5557]]]}
spatial-reference-system EPSG:4326
spatial_harvester true
system:type Dataset
topic_category oceans
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Author EMODnet Geology
Maintainer iMarine Catalogue Manager
Last Updated 28 November 2019, 18:53 (CET)
Created 28 November 2019, 18:53 (CET)