Tsunamis Affected Coast Points (100k)

Locations of coasts affected by tsunamis of unknown origin, mapped by various national and regional mapping projects and recovered in the literature. In order to allow representation of different events, affected coasts are represented by points located in an average position for each event. Note: blank areas do not necessarily correspond to no occurrence.

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bbox-east-long 36.58009728494914
bbox-north-lat 61.180174044429556
bbox-south-lat 34.42744103659505
bbox-west-long -19.569388874821215
contact-email andrea.fiorentino@isprambiente.it
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progress completed
resource-type dataset
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spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-19.5693888748, 34.4274410366], [36.5800972849, 34.4274410366], [36.5800972849, 61.1801740444], [-19.5693888748, 61.1801740444], [-19.5693888748, 34.4274410366]]]}
spatial-reference-system EPSG:3034
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system:type Dataset
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Author ISPRA - Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
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