Tsunamis Affected Coast Points (250k)

Locations of the main points along the coasts affected by tsunamis whose origin is unknown, mapped by various national and regional mapping projects and recovered in the literature. Note: Project is ongoing and the work is in progress; blank areas do not necessarily correspond to no occurrence.

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bbox-east-long 47.323571874912105
bbox-north-lat 61.18893147021747
bbox-south-lat 32.91351278954318
bbox-west-long -10.720744371369364
contact-email andrea.fiorentino@isprambiente.it
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point_of_contact Andrea Fiorentino, andrea.fiorentino@isprambiente.it
progress completed
resource-type dataset
[{"name": "ISPRA - Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research", "roles": ["pointOfContact"]}]
spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-10.7207443714, 32.9135127895], [47.3235718749, 32.9135127895], [47.3235718749, 61.1889314702], [-10.7207443714, 61.1889314702], [-10.7207443714, 32.9135127895]]]}
spatial-reference-system EPSG:3034
spatial_harvester true
system:type Dataset
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Author ISPRA - Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research
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