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The dataset provides information about the location of freshwater finfish farms in the EU and partner countries where data are available. There is an obligation for EU MS to inventory all authorized aquaculture sites under the Council Directive 2006/88/EC on animal health requirements. Despite this obligation, the availability of data varies among MS from no data available at all to a complete regularly updated dataset (e.g.in Scotland). As far as partner countries are concerned, data have been collected in Norway only at this stage, where detailed data are provided online. Data provided here cover Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK. Data collection is still undergoing in other EU MS and neighbouring countries. In some countries, the list of authorized establishments clearly indicates the status (e.g. in Ireland: active, inactive, expired, etc..) or provides relevant information (e.g. in the UK- Scotland: production in the last 3 years : Y/N), but in most MS the status is only partially fulfilled or not provided. In Norway, only active farms have been included at this stage. Available information on species has been harmonised. Filters are available for the following main species: Carp, Catfish, “Other freshwater pond fish” (zander, pike, perch, tench, etc. – mostly cyprinidae), Trout, Salmon (smolt and juveniles), Eel, Sturgeon, Tilapia, Ornamental Fish and Other. There is no information on species in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenia (information is available in Czech Republic but not in a usable format at this stage). The field Detailed species provides an English translation of the species descriptions from the sources (before harmonisation). Information on Production Stage (Grow out, Hatchery, Nursery, Brood stock, Research, Other) and Farm type (Closed systems, Ponds, Tanks-Raceways, Quarantine facility, Research facility, Other) is at least partially available for most countries. Point information indicates if the data points correspond to the data provided by the Source ("Original") or if they have been estimated by the Emodnet team when Polygons were provided ("Polygon centroid"). Polygons were provided in Ireland only.

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