EUSeaMap2 (2016) Broad-Scale Predictive Habitat Map

Output of the 2016 EUSeaMap broad-scale predictive model, produced by EMODnet Seabed Habitats.

The extent of the mapped area includes the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, and areas of the North Eastern Atlantic extending from the Canary Islands in the south to Norway in the North.

The map was produced using a "top-down" modelling approach using classified habitat descriptors to determine a final output habitat.

Habitat descriptors differ per region but include: Biological zone Energy class Oxygen regime Salinity regime Seabed Substrate Riverine input

Habitat descriptors (excepting Substrate) are calculated using underlying physical data and thresholds derived from statistical analyses or expert judgement on known conditions.

The model is produced in Arc Model Builder (10.1).

The model was created using raster input layers with a cell size of 0.002dd (roughly 250 meters). The model includes the sublittoral zone only; due to the high variability of the littoral zone, a lack of detailed substrate data and the resolution of the model, it is difficult to predict littoral habitats at this scale.

The map follows the EUNIS 2007-11 classification system where it is appropriate. For details on methodology see: Populus J. And Vasquez M. (Eds), 2017. EUSeaMap, a European broad-scale seabed habitat map. Ifremer Available from:

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